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Moses House Ministries

Childcare Assistant


The Childcare Assistant coordinates with the Childcare Facilitator to carry out effective ministry to single mothers and their children (clients). The Childcare Assistant will assist in providing structured, educational programs for children of parents in education programs at Moses House Ministries, both on site and off.


Responsible to

Childcare Facilitator


Description of Duties

  • Assist in teaching Nurturing principles for children of parents enrolled in core parenting programs at Moses House Ministries, modeling nurturing in tandem with parenting educators and other child care workers;

  • Implement structured and complete lesson plans as directed by Childcare Facilitator within each session to meet the needs of the children in childcare;

  • Assist in collection of data that will establish effective evaluation of children’s progress;

  • Greet parents and children, establishing immediate, positive rapport, and ensure complete sign-in processes.

  • Communicate with children and parents both in Spanish and English when needed.

  • Attend scheduled staff meetings and general client meetings, when possible.

  • Maintain a positive working relationship with staff, mentors, and other volunteers, as well as with community partners to whom clients are referred for services.

  • Other duties as needed that will benefit the clients served and contribute to the success of our mission.

Time Requirement

40 hours per week

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