Moses House Ministries is a non-profit charitable organization

Moses House provides diapers, formula, and other baby and child supplies

free of charge

 on an emergency basis.

After that...

It's an INCENTIVE PROGRAM for our clients!

Retail establishments, organizations, churches and the public generously donate items to Moses House to pass on to our clients.  Moses House has developed an incentive program to help our moms lose any sense of entitlement that they may have developed and instead learn to appreciate what they receive--it's not free, they earn it.

By following the plan that they have worked out with their Moses House case worker, they earn store credit.  With this credit they may purchase anything they need for their family from our Moses House Family Thrift Store.  Certain items, like diapers and formula, are available only to our clients and others as emergency items. 

They earn store credit in many ways.  This incentive program is individualized, meaning that the amount of a store credit may vary, depending on what the client needs to achieve or improve on.  Some of our moms are still in school, so passing a test, doing a book report--sometimes, even attending classes--will earn them credit.  Just making a medical appointment may earn store credit for another.  Reading to their baby, going to church, taking a special class from another agency are other ways clients earn store credit.

Some of our moms have purchased vehicles through their store credit.  Others have been able to get computer systems.  And, some have furnished their entire apartment.  Nearly all have outfitted their baby's room.

Through the generosity of our Victor Valley community, Moses House has been able
to really make a difference in the lives of our single moms.