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Recently, a woman walked into a fire station in Adelanto, California, and handed her newborn baby to the fire fighters on duty, completed some paperwork, and quietly left the station. For reasons known only to her, she had exercised her right under California’s Safe Surrender Baby Law of 2001 to release her newborn to authorities with no questions asked. According to an April 13, 2011, article in Victorville’s The Daily Press, 51 babies have been surrendered at fire stations and hospitals in San Bernardino County alone since the law was passed. These children are usually placed for adoption.

Some would call this woman’s decision to give up her baby a selfish act. “What loving mother would give away her child?” is a question we hear often, especially when adoption is mentioned as an option for unplanned pregnancy. It is usually asked by a family member, and is commonly followed by, “I’d rather she had an abortion than to have a stranger raise it.”

As a Christian ministry, Moses House applauds women who choose life for their children, rather than abortion. Our position is based on the indisputable but much-argued fact that, aside from being dangerous to the mother, with known physical and psychological consequences, terminating a pregnancy ends a human life. One decision, even early in pregnancy, determines whether or not this tiny person will be allowed to fulfill his or her destiny.

Consider Jesus, for example. His mother risked the scorn of out-of-wedlock pregnancy by surrendering to God’s will in using her to bear and raise the Messiah. His earthly father surrendered to the cultural judgment of marrying a woman who was already pregnant. They successfully parented the Man who was sent to save mankind.

When Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey and received “Hosannas” (which means “save us”) from the welcoming crowds just days before he was tortured and crucified, He had known from the beginning (whenever that was) that He would be riding to his death at just that moment. Was it easy for Him to surrender to the plan when the time actually came? Consider the suffering and humiliation that the King of Kings had decided eons before to endure, in order to give us hope—and life.

Surrender is not always giving up. Sometimes it is pure giving, a conscious decision to do what is best for someone else. Surrender can be an act not of selfishness, but of perfect love and power under control.

Have a blessed Easter. He is risen indeed.


Everyone who knows a single mother or has been one can appreciate the extreme challenges our moms face. Women often tell us they wish that a "Moses House" had been there for them when they were facing unplanned pregnancy or single parenting.



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